V02: Softly In The Morning

Softly in the morning,
You heard a gentle call,
You took the hand God offered you,
And quietly left us all.

The day you left us mother,
Our hearts just broke in two,
The smallest part is still with us,
And the biggest part with you.

For the rest of our lives
we will miss you mother,
Our secret tears still flow,
Oh, how we really loved you,
No one will ever know.

We miss your smile,
your joking ways,
We miss the things, you used to say,
And when old times we do recall
It’s then we miss you most of all.

You were always there
when we needed you
No task too great or small,
With loving heart and willing hands,
For us you did it all.

Look around Your garden Lord,
And when she turns and smiles,
Put Your arms around her,
And hold her for a while.