V72: A Perfect Trust

Oh! for the peace of perfect trust,
My loving God in Thee;
Unwavering faith that never doubts,
Thou choosest best for me.

Best, though my plans be all upset;
Best, though the way be rough;
Best, though my earthly store be scant;
In Thee I have enough.

Best, though my health and strength be gone,
Though weary days be mine,
Shut out from much that others have,
Not my will, Lord but Thine!

And e’en though disappointments come,
They too are best for me,
To wean me from this changing world,
And lead me near Thee.

Oh! for the peace of a perfect trust,
That looks away from all;
That sees Thy hand in everything,
In great events and small.

That hears Thy voice, a Father’s voice,
Directing for the best;
Oh! for the peace of a perfect trust,
A heart with Thee at rest.